Advanced Globus Features

You can do much more with Globus than transfer data. See the following for more information on Sharing data and automating data workfows using Globus timer and Globus's command line interface. 

Globus Command Line Interface 

Many of the functions illustrated above in the Globus Web interface can be performed in the Globus Command Line Interface (CLi) See Globus's CLI documentation for more information.

Globus Timer

The Globus Timer feature allows you to schedule data workflows for a certain date and time with the option to repeat these workflows on a specified schedule. See Using Globus Timer for instructions on how to use Globus timer. Globus Timer also has a command line interface.

Globus Flows

Globus flows allow you to automate data workflows, like moving data from an instrument and doing preprocessing steps, by combining its data transfer capability with "actions" that perform computational tasks within Globus and through external service providers. See Globus's Flows documentation for more information. 

Globus APIs

Globus provides REST APIs for many globus features. See Globus's API documentation for more details.

Need help?

For help using Globus to transfer files, email

Also see our Research Data Management Guide for links to all of our help articles.

Research Data Management Support at Northwestern University

Research computing data services partners with the Office for Research, University Libraries and Galter Health Sciences Library to provide research data management support throughout the research process. Please see the Research Data Management and Sharing page for more information

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