Common OneDrive Issues And Remediations

A majority of issues that occur within OneDrive can be resolved with the options listed in this article.

End-User Remediations for OneDrive Issues

  1. Ensure that a supported version of OneDrive is installed, if using the app.  [DC]  Users can refer to this URL: to access their version of OneDrive.  Next from the About tab, they can click the Build hyperlink which will launch the OneDrive release notes page.   
  2. Ensure the device’s operating system (Windows, MacOS, iOS, etc.) is a supported version, and the latest patches have been installed. 
  3. Ensure that the correct login and Microsoft 365 account are being used – 
      1. Right click on the OneDrive icon in the tool tray
      2. Click on the gear in the upper right hand corner and select “Settings”.
      3. Verify user is logged in with “OneDrive – Northwestern University...”
  4. For OneDrive issues experienced during login, click here
  5. If you are having trouble syncing OneDrive files between the cloud and your local drive, click here
  6. OneDrive has some limitations as far as file naming conventions, file types, and file size which can impact user’s ability to move or save files. Please refer to Microsoft's documentation  for a comprehensive list of issues. 
  7. Are you leaving Northwestern? Ensure your data is not lost by moving it to a SharePoint site (preferred) or transferring ownership to another user. Learn more 
  8. Unsure of whether to store data in OneDrive or SharePoint? Click here. More broadly, explore other storage options by accessing the Storage Finder webpage
  9. If you’re experiencing a different OneDrive issue, please try searching the Northwestern IT Knowledge Base.  

Local IT Remediations 

  1. Ensure all end-user remediation steps (above) have been followed. 
  2. Remove and reinstall OneDrive, following Northwestern-specific installation instructions for Mac or Windows.




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