OneDrive Site Set to No Access

The content you are trying to access is hosted in a OneDrive or SharePoint site that has been set to no access.  This content is scheduled to be deleted.  This could be due to the the user that owns the OneDrive content has left the university.  If you still require access to this content please open a ticket with your local help desk and request to re-enable access to the OneDrive site.  Please provide the URL to the OneDrive (or SharePoint site) in the ticket as well as the original content owner's name and NetID.   

After the OneDrive is enabled as read only, shared content will be available from the existing locations as read only to everyone it was shared with. Please copy the content needed to a different location since this OneDrive is going to be deleted. 

If you have questions about where to store your data please refer to the Document Sharing and Data Storage Finder tool.




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