Northwestern Print: Adding Value to Cat Cash for Faculty/Staff Personal Printing

Faculty and staff printing costs for Northwestern Print will be covered by their schools or departments. Specific print queues for faculty / staff printing ensure that work-related printing is charged to your school and not to a personal account. Northwestern Faculty and staff will not require Cat Cash to pay for their work related printing. See Northwestern Print: Faculty and Staff Printing Costs

Faculty and staff who want to pay for any personal printing, instead of charging your school or department, will require additional print queues to be installed on their devices. See Northwestern Print: Installing Mobility Print on Faculty and Staff Computers for more information.

Cat Cash

The primary method for students to pay for their printing is through NU Dining’s Cat Cash. Cat Cash Northwestern is an online system that allows students, faculty, and staff of Northwestern University to add funds to a stored value account and use it to make purchases at participating off-campus retailers and on-campus locations. Printing through Northwestern Print is an additional location where these funds can be spent. For a full list of locations that accept Cat Cash for dining please visit the dining website.

By default Faculty and staff have a Cat Cash account that is associated with their NetID. Faculty and staff accounts may not be active and ready for use. Log in to the GET  app to see if your Cat Cash account is active. If it is not, contact NU Dining at  to activate your account.

  • Faculty and staff should use the GET  app to add funds to their accounts. Funds added through GET are available immediately for use.
  • Faculty and staff can check balances, add funds, and look at their transaction history for Northwestern Print and Northwestern Dining on the GET app.
  • There will be a $10 minimum to add money to a Cat Cash account.
  • Funds added to your Cat Cash account are not refundable. Your Cat Cash Balance expires when your NetID expires.


How to add funds to Cat Cash

  1.  Go to on your phone or computer.

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  1. Login to GET app:  Click here to login

Authenticate via Online Passport (WebSSO) with your NetID and password. You do not need to be on VPN (Virtual Private Network) to authenticate to the GET app website.

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3.+Add Funds button. (You may need to add a credit card first before adding funds to your account.)

4. Select Payment Type and continue.

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5. Choose a credit card on file and deposit amount. There will be a $10 minimum to add money to a Cat Cash account. Funds added through GET will be available immediately for use.

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6. Confirm adding Funds. (Funds added through GET are available immediately for use.)

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Support for Cat Cash

Faculty and staff requiring support for Cat Cash or issues adding value to a Cat Cash account should email . This email is checked regularly Monday- Friday.


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