Northwestern Print: How to Send a Fax

​​View the Northwestern Print Fax video to learn more about using the fax features and the Print Locations Map to find devices where fax is available. 

​Fax Instructions  

  1. ​Log in to the printer by either tapping your WildCard or logging in with your NetID credentials. 

  1. ​Touch Device Functions in the middle of the display screen. 

  1. Touch Fax

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  1. ​Touch +Add. And tap Enter with Number Keys

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  1. ​Enter fax number using the keypad on the touchscreen. 

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Note: Northwestern’s phone system requires you enter 91, then the fax number including area code (e.g., 918471234567) 

  1. ​Load document(s) in feeder or on glass. 

  1. ​Select Start to send fax.

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  1. ​When your fax job is sent, touch your Wildcard to the card reader or tap Log Out

  1. ​A confirmation sheet will be printed when your fax is successfully sent. 


For more information on Northwestern Print, see:

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