Accessing Reports and Other Cognos Content

In the new Cognos 11.2.4 update, you will not be able to access reports from the home page tiles. To access team reports along with your own reports, you will need to access the Content folder by clicking on the top left hamburger menu. 

You can also change your default home screen to Team Content for easier access. Learn how to do this by visitng Setting Your Cognos 11.2.4 Home Screen.

NOTE: Do not try to access reports or queries by clicking on the 'Prepare data' tile. This is only for creating Data Modules. You will notice that reports are greyed out and you will only be able to connect to data sources.

Accessing Team Content

Accessing My Content and Team Content

Copying Objects from Team Content to My Content

'Upload data': Adding Data Sources

'Prepare data': Creating Data Modules

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