Research Data Storage Service (RDSS) Troubleshooting Guide


Solutions to common issues for connecting to RDSS


This guide describes how to fix common issues with using the Research Data Storage Service (RDSS). If you don’t see your specific issue here, email with the following information:  

  • Name of the share name/file path you are trying to access 
  • Your operating system version 
  • What are you trying to do? Have you been able to do it previously or is this your first attempt? 
  • What are you unable to do? If applicable: what type of error are you getting? Including screen shots is very useful 

Common Issues

I can't connect to RDSS
I can't write files to RDSS
I can't see my RDSS files in Globus

Need help?

Email if you have questions or need help using RDSS. 

Also see our Research Data Management Guide for links to all of our help articles.

Research Data Management Support at Northwestern University

Research computing data services partners with the Office for Research, University Libraries and Galter Health Sciences Library to provide research data management support throughout the research process. Please see the Research Data Management and Sharing page for more information



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RDSS provides secure on-premise data storage for researchers.