Finding the full path to your RDSS share

This page describes how to format your RDSS/FSMResfiles filepath when requesting access to Globus

To allow users to access RDSS via Globus, we first need to tell our data transfer node where to look for your files. To do this, we need the full path to your RDSS share.

Step 1: Identify your access zone

Your access zone was determined when the share was created. Two of these access zones are allowed to use Globus to transfer data to and from Quest. 

  • is for Feinberg School of Medicine users
  • is for other unaudited shares

If you're not sure which group you fall into, look at the address that you use to connect to your RDSS share

If you are not in one of these access zones, you will not be able to use Globus to transfer data. 

Step 2: Identify the full path to your share

The easiest way to find the path you want is to connect to your RDSS share, navigate to the folder that you want to access, and copy the path. For detailed instructions, see the sections below.

Mac instructions
  1. Connect to your RDSS share
  2. Navigate to the location of your share in Finder
  3. With that folder open in Finder, type Command-I to open the "Info" Window about this folder, or right-click on the folder icon and choose "Get Info" from the menu
  4. In the window that pops up, under the "General" section, copy the path in the Server field. It will start with smb:// followed by your access zone, then a path to the share separated by slashes. See screen shot below. 
  5. Paste this file path in the form to request Globus access.

mac share path


  • smb://
  • smb://
  • smb://
  • smb://
Windows instructions
  1. Connect to your RDSS share
  2. Open Windows Command prompt by clicking the Windows search bar and typing cmd
  3. Type the following command: net use
  4. The output will look like the screen shot below
  5. Paste this file path in the form to request Globus access.

windows share path in cmd prompt


  • \\\fsmresfiles\DEPARTMENT\LAB_GROUP\
  • \\\fsmresfiles\COREFACILITY\
  • \\\fsmresfiles\CENTER\PROJECT\

Multiple Shares

If you need access to multiple shares, repeat this process for each share. Provide paths for all shares when requesting access

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