Connecting to a Research Data Storage Service (RDSS) share

This article describes how to connect to and mount Research Data Storage Service (RDSS) including FSMresfiles on Windows, Mac and Linux machines.

Connect to the right network

RDSS/FSMResfiles only allows connections from Northwestern University IP addresses. To get your computer's IP address assigned by Northwestern, sign in to a Northwestern network: 

  • On campus: Plug in to an Ethernet port or use the Eduroam network.
  • Off campus: GlobalProtect VPN

Note, if you are trying to connect to FSMResfiles, connecting to Eduroam won't work. You need to use Ethernet or VPN. 

If you're connected to one of these networks and cannot access your share, email and we can help troubleshoot.

Identify your server

  • Feinberg: If you are a member of Feinberg School of Medicine, the address is
  • Audited: If you are not in Feinberg, but have selected auditing capability, the address is
  • Non-audited: If you are not in Feinberg and have no auditing, the address is

Connect to your share​​

The following instructions describe how to connect to your data storage share. The connection will reset if your computer goes offline or restarts. 




Need help?

If these instructions don't work for you, please see our RDSS Troubleshooting Guide

For help connecting to RDSS email

Researchers from the Feinberg School of Medicine or FSMresfiles users requesting access or having issues with their shares, Please email their local IT support staff at

Also see our Research Data Management Guide for links to all of our help articles.

Research Data Management Support at Northwestern University

Research computing data services partners with the Office for Research, University Libraries and Galter Health Sciences Library to provide research data management support throughout the research process. Please see the Research Data Management and Sharing page for more information

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