Monitoring as a Service

The performance and health monitoring service can monitor nearly any device visible to the network, including routers, switches, firewalls, and servers. Monitored devices can be located anywhere on campus, off campus, or in the cloud.


Features and Benefits

Using the service, support staff can:

  • View current and past system performance.
  • View current and historical system alerts and events.
  • Create reports from pre-formatted templates and system-specific data.
  • Create customized views and dashboards (available on request).

The service includes pre-built monitors for the most widely-used applications. Monitoring staff can also develop custom monitoring for devices or applications not currently offered.

Additional monitoring benefits and features include:

  • Application uptime, response time, or output.
  • Database availability, response time, and space utilization.
  • Website response time and content.
  • Website user experience via web transactions, from log in to log out.

On-Call Staff Notifications and Alerts
Scheduling on-call staff rotations and alert escalations are managed through a single interface that offers on-call staff the ability to create and manage team rotation schedules and alert escalations and choose how to be notified—from a smartphone app, email, or text message.

Staff can schedule “quiet times” and arrange temporary on-call coverage for their teammates, allowing staff to stay connected and react quickly to resolve problems or to address any potential performance issues.


Available to

  • Faculty and IT Staff with servers or appliances in one of the University Data Centers





How to Request Service

Click the "Request Service" button to the right.


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