Call Centers

Northwestern Information Technology (IT) has chosen Talkdesk as the University preferred vendor for University departments and groups who require an elevated level of service to administer and manage incoming and outgoing call routing. Talkdesk is a Cloud-Based system that works with the current University telephone network to route calls to and from the Talkdesk user station.


Features and Benefits

Call Center Representatives are able to:

  • Send and receive calls through a Web-based soft client
  • Change greetings based on Time of Day, Day of week
  • Save, organize, and search frequently dialed numbers
  • Alert a supervisor for assistance
  • View advanced call detail information
  • Use USB headsets

Supervisory specific features include:

  • Advanced reporting tools that include real-time and historical data
  • Schedule alerts to monitor call details such as hold times, longest calls, etc.
  • Coach staff on live calls
  • Call recording and monitoring tools

System features and requirements:

  • Fully customizable Web-Based Client
  • Layout Advanced ACD scheduling and routing capabilities
  • Available for Windows and Mac Operating Systems
  • There is a Mobile Client option for an additional fee


Available to

  • All University Departments



Please contact the Talkdesk Support Center at 1-888-743-3044 - option 1 "Sales" from menu.

You may also visit their website at and select button with picture of computer to the right on screen and fill out form to "Experience Demo".

Please mention Northwestern is an existing MSA Customer on Form or when you receive a callback to discuss your application.


How to Request Service

Click the "Request Service" button to the right.

After the order has been received, a meeting with a Talkdesk service analyst will be scheduled in order to document requirements and discuss options and/or customizations for the new ACD service.


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