Communication and Collaboration

IT services that facilitate institutional communication and collaboration needs.

Categories (6)

Email, Collaboration, and File Sharing Services

Services for teams to collaborate on tasks, documents, set due dates, and update statuses with email and other notification options.

Mass Communications

Services enabling communication with large groups, including digital signage, emergency notifications, listserv, and television.

Videoconferencing, Zoom, and Telephones

All services associated with telephones, including voice services, teleconferencing, etc.

Web Publishing and Hosting

Services related to creating new Northwestern websites.

Television Service

Northwestern IT can help coordinate the installation of cable or satellite television services to most campus locations. Northwestern IT will work with a requester and available service providers to bring various TV channel packages to locations across campus like lounges, common rooms, and waiting rooms. Available providers and technologies vary depending on the building or location for which service is being requested.

Productivity Tools

Programs or applications that help save time by automating processes and/or content creation which allow for more productive workflow associated with daily tasks.