InfoEd & CERES Report Inventory

All reports are available via Cognos BI Reporting.

Access Cognos BI through the NUPortal or at


For more information about these reports, see the Grants Management (GM) Report Catalog

CERES Proposal Reports

CERES Award Reports

CERES Agreement Reports

CERES Current, Pending, and Completed Support

CERES Subcontracts & Effort

Report Number Report Name Description
GM092  GM092 - Subcontract Monitoring Report The GM092 includes a complete list of fully-executed subcontracts, with current status for funding, disbursement, and burn rates (percent disbursed). 
ER001 ER001 – Payroll, Committed and Certified Effort

The Cognos report includes committed and certified effort for fiscal year 2014 and later and may be run for a set of employees, projects, or departments.

With the addition of payroll data into the report, a security model has been introduced to ensure that only users who have the requisite access can view the data.

ER002 ER002 – Certified Effort Payroll Details This report shows salary details pertaining to certified effort so users can see salary data at a monthly payroll grain. ER002 can be invoked as a drill-down from ER001 or as an independent standalone report. The Cognos report includes the monthly effort payroll amount from earnings (ERN) and journals (JRN) by reporting period, project, fund code, financial department, and account code for fiscal year 2014 and later. 
As a standalone report, it may be run for a set of employees, projects, or departments.

InfoEd Annual/Monthly Reports

InfoEd Cost Sharing

InfoEd Current, Pending, and Completed Support

InfoEd Faculty Group Proposals/Awards

InfoEd Negotiation Notes

InfoEd Projected Proposal/Award Trends

InfoEd Proposal Aging

InfoEd Proposal/Award Trends

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