Restoring a previous version of a file or folder stored on the Research Data Storage Service (RDSS)

This document explains how to to restore previous versions of a file or folder in RDSS/FSMResFiles.

The Research Data Storage Service (RDSS) creates snapshots of files stored on the system that are kept for 28 days. Snapshots occur daily between 7 pm and midnight. This feature allows users to retrieve files that were accidentally modified or deleted with some exceptions: 

  • Files that were modified/deleted more than 28 days ago cannot be restored because snapshots are deleted after 28 days.
  • Files that were created then modified/deleted within 24 hours may not be able to be restored because they may not have been on the file system when a snapshot occurred. 

Retrieving older versions of modified/deleted files

The instructions below describe how to restore older versions of files or deleted files contained in snapshots on RDSS.

Note: This process can only be done on computers running the Windows operating system. If you cannot mount your RDSS share on a Mac or Linux machine, please contact for assistance in retrieving your files. 

View Previous Versions
Restore a previous version
Restore a deleted file

If you need help with any of these instructions, email to speak with a data management specialist. 

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