Using the Quest Globus endpoint

This document describes how to configure and use the Quest Globus endpoint

The Northwestern Quest endpoint allows users to transfer data to and from Northwestern's Quest High Performance computing cluster.


To transfer data to or from Quest, you must have a Quest account. Follow the linked instructions to request a Quest allocation

Activating the Quest Endpoint

Once you have access to Quest, log into Globus using your Northwestern credentials. Then search for the Northwestern Quest collection. Note that there are similarly named endpoints (like Northwestern Quest RDSS) so make sure the name matches.


When you select the Northwestern Quest Collection, Globus will prompt you to authenticate. Click Continue.


Then, Globus will ask for consent to use your login credentials and ask you to pick your identity provider. Select Northwestern University. 

After selecting Northwestern, you may see the Northwestern NetID login screen. Use your NetID and password to log in. If you have already logged in with your NetID in your browser recently, you might skip this step. 

Finally you should see your home directory on Quest and can initiate file transfers from this location.

If you would like to access your projects directory, hit the up arrow to navigate to the parent directory

Then select projects and find the name of your project directory.

Extending Quest Endpoint activation

By default, this activation lasts for 10 days. After the 10 day period, Globus will ask you to reauthenticate when you try to access the endpoint. You can also extend the activation period by 10 days prior to the activation expiring.

To do this,

  • Find the Northwestern Quest Endpoint in the File Manager window.
  • Select the Manage Activation icon that looks like a power button at the bottom of the column between the file browser windows (red box)
  • Click Extend Activation in the Endpoint Overview view for the managed endpoint. 

  • Globus will notify you that you must reauthenticate with your Northwestern NetID. Hit continue
  • Globus will then ask you to select an identity provider. Select Northwestern University then click "Log On"
  • You should see a message that says "Access certificate extended successfully" and tells you when the endpoint activation will expire. Click ok.

If you would like to create a stable endpoint that does not expire, you can create a Shared Collection on the Quest Endpoint. See Globus's How to Share Data Using Globus documentation for more information.

For help using the Northwestern Quest Globus endpoint, contact

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