Services (4)

Encryption Key Escrow

Northwestern provides encryption key escrow for both Mac and PC platforms. This ensures that encryption keys are stored in a central location so that a hard drive can be decrypted in the event that a local user forgets his or her password or if a department needs to restore data from a machine that they manage.

Endpoint Device Backup

Regular data backups reduce the risk of permanent data loss that can occur for many reasons including hardware failure, power failure, and virus attacks. In continuing its commitment to the protection of mission critical data at the University, Northwestern IT is participating with University schools and departments to provide a secure hosted data backup solution for workstation machines.

Remote Support Assistance

Northwestern IT's Remote Support Assistance application (powered by Bomgar) allows technical specialists to troubleshoot computers, smartphones, servers, and other devices by controlling them remotely.

Client Antivirus Software

CrowdStrike Falcon is Northwestern's licensed software application for protecting Northwestern-owned and managed machines and devices against viruses and other malware. For personally owned devices and machines not managed by the University, it is critical that students, faculty, and staff members install antivirus software, update virus definitions, and run virus scans daily.