E911 Emergency Telephone Calling

The University‚Äôs telephone system is enabled to automatically deliver the location of any 911 call made from a Cisco hardware telephone as well as from Jabber software telephone clients that are running on Mac or Windows computers on the Northwestern campus wired or wireless networks in Chicago, Evanston, Waukegan, and Coral Gables.  Off-campus computers that are using Jabber are required to enter their addresses manually to associate a location with their 911 calls.  If a location is not available for a given device, 911 calls will be directed to a national Emergency Response Center, where dispatchers will ask the caller for their location and transfer the call to the appropriate local call center.


Available to

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Guests



Costs to use this service are built into the Northwestern converged communications fee.


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