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Northwestern Print is a comprehensive print management program across the Evanston and Chicago campuses for faculty, staff, and students. It runs on Ricoh Multi-functional devices (MFD) and printers. Devices provide secure B&W (black and white) and color printing, as well as copy and scanning functions. Some devices may provide fax services. Users can release their print job at any available Northwestern Print device across campus. Printing options include mobile printing, web printing, and email to print.


  • Provide NU community with access to fully centralized and optimized print services.
  • Offer a consistent, user-friendly experience for faculty, staff, and students.  
  • Standardize costs and equipment across the University.
  • Improved quality of printing and copy services while reducing the costs.

Service features include: 

  • Improved print and copying services across campus.  
  • Print anywhere—release a print job at any available Northwestern Print device across campus.
  • Alternative print options, including email-to-print capability and mobile printing.
  • Touchless print job release - Tap to Print with Wildcards and mobile devices using QR codes.
  • Ricoh will provide direct support of all Ricoh Multi-functional Devices and printer hardware.
  • Local IT groups will provide support for faculty and staff printing.
  • Secure printing – Increased security for print jobs and print devices– users must authenticate to release print jobs.
  • Reduced waste around print jobs, supporting sustainability campus efforts.   
  • Provide better reporting for schools / University regarding printing costs.

Services and Features of device. 

  • B&W and Color printing, scanning, copying.
  • Some devices will provide hole punch, stapling, and faxing. Multiple paper trays supporting paper of assorted sizes.


Available to

  • Student
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Guests



Faculty / Staff printing 

  • Faculty and staff printing costs will be paid for by each school or department. 

Student printing

  • Northwestern Print is a campus wide solution for students as well as faculty and staff.  In addition to the devices in the University Libraries, students will have access to other print devices across campus, though some may be configured only for faculty and staff use.  
  • Northwestern University students will pay for their printing and copying in Northwestern Print. NU Students will leverage Cat Cash to pay for printing and copying services provided by Northwestern Print. Funds in Cat Cash can be spent on printing in the Northwestern Print solution, or at food vendors across campus. Some students may also have printing quota provided centrally or by a school or department.


How to Request Service

Hardware Support: Ricoh will provide support and manage the Ricoh hardware (Multi-functional devices (MFD) and Single-functional devices (SFDs). Ricoh is responsible for the cloud server infrastructure and the management & support services for the Northwestern University print output environment.
Faculty & Staff: Local support IT groups will provide primary support for faculty and staff in their schools, departments, and units. Schools or units whose primary support comes from central IT will continue to receive support in that manner.
NU Students: The University Library will assist students with printing at the libraries in Northwestern Print.


Consumable Supplies

Devices in Northwestern Print will have automatic ordering of supplies. Staff will not need to order any consumables (supplies) for MFD or print devices in Northwestern Print. Supply orders will be triggered automatically based on specific thresholds set by Ricoh and shipped directly to staff at each MFD location. The staff responsible for the MFDs in their area will install their own supplies.

Consumables include:  

  • Toner  
  • Toner Waste Bottles
  • Maintenance Kits  
  • Fuser Units  
  • Staples  

Consumables Not Included  

  • Paper
  • Inks



Request Service

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