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Microsoft Teams

OneDrive Co-author Office documents right in the app Review a project's history Team management Access to your Outlook calendar Hold online meetings See a team member’s current status

How to Add an App to a SharePoint Site

SharePoint calendar list, you can add these by browsing the apps under classic experience. You may also be able to request or buy apps from third-party developers by browsing the SharePoint store.   Apps from

Google Workspace

Services associated with e-mail, calendaring, and contacts. ... accounts, and all official University correspondence will be sent to them. G Suite accounts have unlimited storage with access to the following core apps: Mail (Gmail) Drive Calendar Forms

Using Globus Timer

certain date or after a given number of times. This feature is very similar to setting recurring meeting invitations in Microsoft Outlook. Once the transfer has been submitted by hitting the start

Expenses Entry Quick Reference Job Aid

receipts and other supporting documentation (e.g. foreign currency conversion). Consult with your school or department for document retention guidelines.   Log into NUFinancials. Click the

Ways to manage your mailbox size (Windows)

In Outlook, choose File> Tools > Mailbox Cleanup. Do any of the following: View the total size of your mailbox and of individual folders within it. Find items older than a

Cancel Receipts Using Add/Update Receipts in NUFinancials

purchase order ID Alternatively, in Receipt Number, enter the Receipt Alternatively, in Receipt Date, select the date from the calendar. Click Search. (A page containing the receipt

Activating your (or other G Suite) account

,, and accounts.   Students All students (except Kellogg, Pritzker and Feinberg students) use G Suite accounts for email, calendaring, and

Using Budget Overview for Project Budgets in NUFinancials

the future. 2 Ledger Group Type or select KK_DETAIL. 3 Type of Calendar Select Detail Accounting

Using Code42 on your University-managed computer

, such as music files and disk images, are excluded from being backed up; for a complete list of these file types see

NUFinancials: Creating Balance Sheet Journals Training Guide

the purpose and enter a description Step 3: Explain the Reason in the Reason/Description field About Journal Rules Step 4: Enter the journal lines Step 5: Attach supporting documents

Viewing Budget Performance with Budget Overview in NUFinancials

shows up next to the inquiry name for future use. Click and select a Ledger Group. Step 3: Select a calendar type (choose option A or B) Select Detail Budget Period to view the

Using Microsoft Bookings to manage your office hours

automatically include a Microsoft Teams link in the calendar invitation . Make sure students can book your time Log in to your Bookings homepage at

Add New Supplier – Independent Contractor - in NUFinancials

Independent Contractor Independent Contractor is used for individuals and sole proprietors who are not paid wages by NU within the last 12 months or current calendar year. Required

Microsoft Office

at Microsoft Office 365 Applications and Add-ins. Access Excel OneDrive OneNote Outlook PowerPoint Publisher Word Microsoft 365 Professional Plus Products for Mac Products