Northwestern Print: Authentication Options

​​Northwestern Print Managed Print Services (MPS) is available to all active Northwestern faculty, staff, and students. Users must have a valid NetID and be in an appropriate print group based on their role and print need in Active Directory Services (ADS) to authenticate and release print jobs from a multi-function device (MFD) in the program. 

​Contact your local IT support for the following print needs: 

  • ​Affiliate 

  • ​Guest 

  • ​Temp / Contractor 

  • ​Personal Printing 

  • ​Printing for a Secondary Role 

​View the Training Videos on the Ricoh Managed Print Service: Frequently Asked Questions and Training website to learn more about using the MFD features. 

​Authentication Options 

​You have several options to authenticate to Northwestern Print to release your documents or copy, scan, or fax. 

​WildCard tap-to-release 

  1. ​Tap your WildCard on the printer’s card reader.  

  1. ​Navigate to Print Release, Scan, or Device Functions

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​NetID Authentication 

  1. ​Enter your NetID and password

  1. ​Click Log in. 

  1. ​Navigate to Print Release, Scan, or Device Functions

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​QR Code Print Release 

​First you need to register your phone or mobile device to Northwestern Print. 

  1. ​Make sure your device is connected to the eduroam WiFi network

  1. ​From your mobile device, click this link: 

  1. ​Instructions should appear to register your mobile device.  

  1. ​Once your mobile device has been registered, you can use it to authenticate  

  • ​Send a print job to Northwestern Print. 
  • Open the camera on your mobile device. 
  • Point the camera at the QR Code on the Northwestern Print MFD. 
  • Click on the tab that appears at the top of your phone. 
  • ​Enter your NetID and Password
  • Select Login
  • Select the print jobs you would like to release. 
  • Select Release

For more information, see:

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