Northwestern Print: Alternative Printing Options: Web-Based Printing

​​Web Print is a driver-less printing service that allows users to print by uploading documents from a web browser. No client software or driver installation is required. Within the portal, you can also 

  • ​Check your print account balance, including quotas, refunds, and Cat Cash funds (Student Only)  

  • ​See a list of all your print jobs being held in print queues. 

  • ​See the history of your print activity. 

  • ​Track your carbon footprint. 

​ ​Northwestern Print WebPortal 

  1. ​Go to the Web Portal at 

​If logging in from off campus, ensure you are on the Northwestern VPN

  1. ​Enter your NetID and Password and click Log in

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  1. ​Select Web Print on the left side of the screen. 

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  1. ​Select Submit a Job

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  1. ​Select a printer queue based on your role or print need (for example, use the general print queues for a paid or volunteer appointment; use the StudentPay print queues for personal print jobs or student academic needs, including using print quotas). Two-sided, black and white printing (BW-Duplex) is strongly encouraged. NOTE: You will not be able to change from Duplex to simplex or black and white to Color at the device 

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  1. ​Select Print Options and Account Selection

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  1. ​Select the number of copies. Click on Upload Documents

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  1. ​Drag and drop a file or click on Upload from Computer.

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  1. ​Navigate to your file folder. Select your document. Click Open

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  1. ​Once you’ve selected your file, click Upload & Complete

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  1. ​Your file has been sent to the print queue. 

  1. ​See the Northwestern Print: Authentication Options article for steps to release your job at the printer using NetID authentication, Wildcard tap-to-release, and mobile touchless release using a QR code. 

For more information, see:

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