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Northwestern Print: Scan Overview​

.  ​Once you have completed your scan, it will arrive as an attachment to your email.   If you’re loading the document in the Feeder Tray:  Lay the pages face up.  ​Touch Start

Setting up Cisco Jabber for iOS (iPhone or iPad)

also see this screen when the app is updated, or if you reset the Jabber app. Enter your full email address, then click Continue. If you have a or

Request to Update or Inactivate ChartField in NUFinancials

: NUFinancials > ChartField Request tile or Navigator > Set-up Financials/Supply Chain > Common Definitions > Design ChartFields > Define Values> ChartField Request > Add a New Value.  Create a Request

Downloading and Installing OneDrive for Mac

Set up OneDrive screen, enter your Northwestern email address and click Sign in. 3. You will be brought to the Office 365 screen. Click the password field and wait for it to redirect you to the

Buffett Institute: Frequently Asked Questions

Development Goal? Isn't that limiting? The SDGs are important to Northwestern’s global mission because they provide a set of goals and priorities that are familiar to audiences across the

Microsoft Power Automate

files, get notifications, and collect data. Examples of automated workflows include: When you receive an Outlook email attachment, save Outlook email attachments in your OneDrive Set up weekly

Entering Foreign Currency Job Aid

pop up box will display the message "The exchange rate is “0”. Click OK to the message.    Repeat these steps for each foreign expense: Air/Hotel, Mileage, Food, etc. Click

Printer Setup macOS

: The key command combination and the Go -> Applications lead you to the same window.   Once you’ve navigated to Self Service, open it up. The window will look like this: From here, simply

Managing access to a former employee's data

Northwestern IT can grant access to a voice mailbox, email mailbox, Northwestern Box folders, or set up an auto-reply message on a departed employee's email account. However, we require email

Using the NUFinancials Tree Viewer

This guide explains how to navigate to and use the Tree Viewer in NUFinancials. Use the NUFinancials Tree Viewer to look up and view department hierarchy. Follow these steps after logging in

Setting up Remote Desktop on your macOS computer

Setting up Remote Desktop on your macOS computer ... instructions on how to setup VPN please got to this page Setting up Northwestern VPN Go the App Store and download / install Microsoft Remote Desktop     Once the application is open you need to

Getting started with NUsites

site's information, click Dashboard. The Dashboard will be displayed. Setting your website tagline To change/update your website tagline follow the steps below: Log into

Logging in to Qualtrics

username and password, and click Log In Your username would have been set up by your Qualtrics administrator. It may or may not be your Northwestern email address If you have forgotten your

CERES: Request an Advance Account

advance account to be set up by SR in any funding proposal state from which an award can be created. Advanc ... period not to exceed 120 days, or the sponsor’s limit, whichever is shorter. RAs can request an advance account to be set up by SR in any funding proposal state from which an award can be created. Advance

How to Replace OneDrive Data Source with the New Tableau 2023.3 OneDrive and SharePoint Online API

Account Settings > Outlook and SharePoint Online.    2. Make sure you can open the workbook on the server without getting any errors.    Here is a GIF for uploading the workbook. You can click on it to open a video in a new tab.