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Fluid Catalog Requisition in iBuyNU / NUFinancials (Training Guide)

part number. Up to 50 products may be entered at a time. Quick Find can only be utilized to search for items from a Hosted or Real-time (punchin) catalog.  Click  from the left side menu

Using QIIME2 on Quest

DockerHub maintains an image of the most up-to-date version of QIIME2 that can be downloaded via Singularity onto Quest. Navigate to your project directory on Quest and run the following command to pull

NUFinancials Actuals Journal Training Guide

expenses for the upcoming fiscal year. This guide does not cover Budget journals. You can find information about them in myHR Learn by searching for NUPlans or Budget. This guide covers Actuals Journals

Managing Jobs on Quest

:00 Set job time limit to 2 hours scontrol update job=<JobID> account=p12345 Change the allocation to p12345 For a complete listing of scontrol options, see the

Creating a message in Bulkmail

appear. Confirm that the settings on the summary page match appear correct. Otherwise, click Back to make modifications. Click Finish. Uploading a list of email addresses Create a text

NUFinancials: Creating a Cash Receipt Ticket Training Guide

. Click the minus sign  to delete lines. Tip! Click the Magnifying Glass icon  to look up account codes or other chart field values based on keywords or other search criteria that you

Running Jupyter Notebook on Quest

, and at the end replace qnode<number> with the name of the compute node. You will be prompted for your Quest password, which will not return a prompt. On your local computer, open up your browser

Quest OnDemand User Guide

Upload. You can access the Quest file system through the "Files" tab. Under "Files", you will find shortcuts to your HOME directory, allocations directories, and scratch space, if you have one

Microsoft 365

network that works with other Microsoft 365 applications to share ideas. On Yammer, users can create interest- or department-specific groups, discuss ideas, or share workplace updates. To learn

Initiating Budget Adjustments in NUFinancials

), your chart strings base budgets are uploaded into NUFinancials. The base budget contains expense amounts and revenue targets, if applicable, at the account level. As the year progresses, you can

Knitro on Quest

problems, convex and non-convex quadratic problems etc. Please refer to the user manual for a complete set of instructions on how to use Knitro. Knitro is not a standalone program. It provides a

NU Cloud Terms of Service

responsibilities for the Service Provider include: Determining new tenants for NU Cloud, in accordance with the Tenant Application process. Setting up and configuring virtual datacenters (vDCs) for tenants

Zoom HIPAA Compliant Conferencing Service

Northwestern will be providing a secure HIPAA compliant service for web conferencing. Please review the differences between and before requesting

NUPlans Contributor Fund Views

, Gift, and Endowment funds. §  Areas opt-in to or opt-out of automatic balancing in all other funds.   Contents Upon completion of this guide, you should be able to