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Funding Proposal Processes

Input a TBD Sponsor

Select TBD from the sponsor drop-down, then submit a New Organization request (an agreement type). Two Grants Reports are available to run to see in-process requests (one for FP, one for subawards) and one Agreement Reports to run for in-process agreement sponsor requests in process.

Request an F&A waiver

When the F&A rate is not standard, for instance, when the sponsor requires a reduced F&A rate or doesn't allow F&A to be applied in the budget at all, the RA must submit a request through Ancillary Review. The RA would select "F&A Waiver" as the review type and "Anc Rvw-F&A Waiver" as the organization.

Request PI Eligibility

Used to request permission for non-eligible faculty to submit a grant proposal. The RA would select “PI Eligibility” as the review type and “Anc Rvw- PI Eligibility” as the organization.

Over-the-cap Salary

Follow current state approach: Override the person's salary with the annualized cap amount. No need to create the cost share budget.

Proposal Review Process

Sponsored Research will conduct a single proposal review in CERES.

  • If no issues are identified, SR will move the proposal to the pending sponsor submission state, and in the case of system-to-system proposals will proceed with submission to grants.gov.

  • If SR identifies items that need to be addressed, SR will return the proposal to the administrative contact via Clarifications Requested. When the proposal is returned to SR, and the changes are confirmed, SR will proceed with the submission process.

Process for entering subaward cost share on proposal budgets

The department will record the subaward cost share on the Excel budget, not in CERES.

Multi-project proposal submissions

These should be created in CERES using Create Funding Proposal, selecting non-system to system submission type. The ‘Create Complex Project’ feature will not be used in CERES.

Pending Sponsor Review Processes

Budget revisions on submitted proposals

The Just-in-Time process in the system can be used for post-submission revisions, even when the sponsor is not NIH. When Sponsored Research executes the JIT changes required activity, the funding proposal is then open for edits until JIT is submitted.

Budget revision process during award negotiation

 At this point in the process the Funding Proposal budget will be locked, and because the award has not yet been accepted an Award record does not yet exist. Revised budgets in Excel will be uploaded, and the Awards Management team will set up the award budget to reflect the final revised budget.

Request an advance account

Execute the Request Advance Account activity from the Funding Proposal’s workspace. See job aid for further details.

Requesting institutional cost share

The current process developed by the departmental cost share work group will continue to be followed (information on SR’s cost sharing page). The approved cost share packet is added to the Funding Proposal using an ancillary review; see cost share job aid for further details.

Agreements Processes

Subcontracts team process for starting and processing an amendment when the next outyear is coming up

When an Award modification is routed that affects subawards, all of the subawards on that award go into "Draft: Active Award" state which will place the award record back on the "Active Awards with Draft Subawards" report that the subcontracts team uses to initiate subcontracts and subcontract amendments. Sponsored Research will initiate the agreement and notify the research administrator it is in their queue to complete and submit.

Negotiation notes process

Sponsored Research will use the correspondence feature for agreements; the canned Cognos agreement reports will show latest open correspondence.

Routing an industry clinical trial agreement

Funding Proposal: For proposals involving industry clinical trials, Ensure the Clinical Trial question is marked “yes” on Additional Proposal Information page on the funding proposal SmartForm. Once the proposal is approved by the department, the RA will create a Clinical Trial Agreement in CERES and submit it to start the agreement workflow.

Agreement: Click Create Agreement from the funding proposal workspace in order to establish a linkage between the records.  After confirming that the related funding proposal has received department approval and is in Specialist Review, from the agreement workspace, click Submit. Click OK to accept the statement and route the Clinical Trial Agreement into the workflow.

Routing non-funded agreements (MTA/DUA/NDA)

These agreements are created directly in the Agreements module and do not need a related Funding Proposal record. Agreements-only user access will be available via the security access form.

Award Processes

Budget revision during Award Set-Up

When a budget needs significant revisions, Sponsored Research will use the ancillary review type defined for general send-back to department. The department updates the Budget Reconciliation page of the award SmartForm to enter the revised budget details.

Award Modification Processes

Multiple modifications are needed

Award modification requests accommodate multiple types within a single request; check all relevant types on the SmartForm and additional pages will appear. See award modification request job aid for more details.

Request at-risk spending for existing award

Select the at-risk spending award modification request type.

Handoff process for Award Modification Requests when original RA is unavailable.

The department can execute the Assign Submitter activity to update the administrative contact on the Award Modification Request and proceed.


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