Services enabling communication with large groups, including digital signage, emergency notifications, listserv, and television.

Services (5)

Public Group/Distribution List

Mailing lists are an easy way to reach a lot of people very quickly by automating the distribution of e-mail to all those who subscribe to the mailing list.

NU Listserv

Email lists offer an efficient way to disseminate information to large numbers of people using a single e-mail address.

Email Marketing and Campaign Management (Bulkmail)

Bulk email is an important medium for facilitating communication within the Northwestern community. It provides self-service access for departments to send important information to large groups of people all at the same time.

Digital Signage (REACH)

Opportunities for members of the University to communicate events and advertisements with the campus at large is available through a Digital Signage Service using the REACH Media Network platform.

Microsoft Yammer

Yammer is an internal social networking tool for faculty, staff, and students which offers a host of social networking features to make it easy to communicate and collaborate from anywhere with just about anyone at the University.