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Updating Wireless and email on iOS after changing a NetID password

After resetting your NetID password, you may find that certain Northwestern services on your iOS device stop working. If you had any of these services set to save your password, you will need to

NUFinancials Purchasing Glossary

products or for services that are provided on a regular and consistent basis. Specific examples include: Equipment maintenance (monthly payments) Garbage pick-up (department specific

Using Singularity on Quest

using the Singularity remote builder. You can then copy or pull that container image to Quest to run it. To build a container using singularity, you must first define a recipe file which is a set of

NUFinancials Mobile Expense Training Guide

Expense Report.      Select Proxy, if applicable.   If you are a Proxy, tap the drop-down arrow next to your name in the upper left corner.  Tap Change Employee.  Select

Data Management and Analytics Catalog

that the Award and Project have been set up in PeopleSoft and spending can begin on the project as well as notifying them of key changes to existing projects. Basic demographic data about the Award and

Microsoft 365 applications using Duo multi-factor authentication

Common questions regarding Duo multi-factor authentication and Microsoft 365. Why am I experiencing multiple Duo authentication prompts? Each Microsoft 365 application operates

NUFinancials Budget Adjustments Transcript

slides. The first such business rule is about the fund number. Only three sets of fund numbers are allowed on a Budget Journal: Unrestricted funds, Gift funds, and Endowment funds. Funds out of Scope

NUFinancials: Receiving and Depositing Revenue Transcript

discover an error, you would destroy the bag and start over with new set of materials. Again, do the error checking in yellow, and avoid asking for voids. Prepare the deposit ticket With your

Requesting additional features in Qualtrics

Northwestern's Qualtrics environment, located at, offers a defined set of features included in our contract with Qualtrics. Some features may not be available, or

Duo Verified Push Process

Northwestern University uses Duo Verified Push. This article shows what you can expect to see when logging into an authenticated Northwestern system with Duo Mobile using a smartphone and computer

Changing your device names

The summary is just a sentence or two giving the user the context of the info that follows.   Go to Sign into Duo Click the My Settings

How to Reshare External Sharing Links in OneDrive after Box Migration

.  Open the OneDrive web interface by click on the waffle in the upper left hand corner and selecting OneDrive. From the OneDrive web interface, click on the gear icon (settings) in the upper right

Feinberg - Using Self-Service for software installation

FSM-managed machines come pre-installed with an application that allows us to push necessary updates to FSM-managed computers and allows you to install certain programs offered by Feinberg IT. On Mac

Using Duo multi-factor authentication

When you're prompted to verify your identity using Duo Mobile, you confirm your identity using either Send Duo Push or Duo Mobile passcode.  By default, Duo Mobile will send a Push

Northwestern Print: Scan to SharePoint

.   ​If you need to change the settings, touch Settings.  ​ ​Select the options you want to change.   ​Load your originals into the auto-document feeder or