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Set up your (Microsoft 365) account with Duo multi-factor authentication on Android

should already be populated as the Username Enter your NetID password as the Password Tap Sign in 5. Confirm your identity with Duo Mobile multi-factor authentication. 6. If prompted

Set up your (Microsoft 365) account with Duo multi-factor authentication in Outlook for Mac

connecting the client.   Environment macOS Catalina (v10.15),  Mojave (v10.14), or High Sierra (v10.13) Outlook for Mac Duo multi-factor authentication Actions 1. Open Outlook

Set up your (Office 365) account with Duo multi-factor authentication in Outlook 2016 for Windows

Add Account window will update to reflect that it is searching for your account settings. 4. After a brief wait (up to 15 seconds), a Northwestern Online Passport window should open (it may

Using Duo Restore to recover Duo-Protected Accounts

Northwestern IT has enabled Duo Mobile's Duo Restore functionality for iOS and Android users. Duo Mobile's restore functionality lets you back up Duo-protected accounts for recovery to the same

[Service] Duo - General

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) powered by Duo is a service provided by Northwestern IT for members of the Northwestern University community who use various administrative systems. It is a more ... following: Users can register any Duo Mobile-capable device via the Phone or Tablet option on enrollment. If phone call is preferred, they may set the device up as a Landline. Both US and

[Service] Duo - Admin

for Duo Admin will show up as "Northwestern University Admin - Northwestern University" and is different and separate from NU Duo used for applications like MyHR. ISO-IAM manages profile/resets for Duo

Setting up and using GlobalProtect VPN

for Duo multi-factor authentication.   GlobalProtect for macOS If your University-owned computer is managed by your department, you may not need to set up GlobalProtect. If you see the

Duo - Issuing an activation URL or QR code

code. The default value of Device Platform is Generic Smartphone. Upon user activation of the Duo account, the device's OS and information are read and updated accordingly in the Device Summary

[Weinberg] Setting up a new computer

Detailed steps on the Weinberg New computer setup process. Here are the detailed steps of how to set up a new computer Pick up the computer – to do this contact the user or the department

Law School - Laptop Tune-Up Checklist

** Check to ensure Windows update includes Microsoft Updates **      o Set Windows Update Preferences to “Ask to re-boot”      o Macs – Recommend Backing up to TimeMachine and update OS *AFTER

[Weinberg] Setting up an Exchange account on Apple Mail

Instructions on how to setup Apple Mail.   In Finder, navigate to Applications and open the Mail app If you’ve never set up an account you will be prompted to choose a mail provider like

[Weinberg] Setting up an Exchange account in Thunderbird

Steps to setup Incoming and Outgoing Thunderbird Mail.   Outgoing port: 587 Username: netid (only) Mac User: If you get an error message about connecting to the mail server, create the

Setting up and using the 32-bit version of GlobalProtect VPN for Windows

Uninstall Download and set up the 32-bit version In your web browser, go to When prompted, enter your NetID and password, and authenticate through Duo

Setting up and using Cisco Jabber for Windows

to adjust the volume When you're done, click OK Customize your Jabber settings In the upper right corner of the Jabber Hub Window click the gear icon to display the settings menu

Setting up and using Cisco Jabber for macOS

contact group you want to add them to, then click Create Set your presence In the upper left corner of the Jabber hub window, click your profile, then click the Status drop-down menu