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Set up your (Microsoft 365) account with Duo multi-factor authentication on Android

should already be populated as the Username Enter your NetID password as the Password Tap Sign in 5. Confirm your identity with Duo Mobile multi-factor authentication. 6. If prompted

Set up your (Microsoft 365) account with Duo multi-factor authentication in Outlook for Mac

connecting the client.   Environment macOS Catalina (v10.15),  Mojave (v10.14), or High Sierra (v10.13) Outlook for Mac Duo multi-factor authentication Actions 1. Open Outlook

Set up your (Office 365) account with Duo multi-factor authentication in Outlook 2016 for Windows

Add Account window will update to reflect that it is searching for your account settings. 4. After a brief wait (up to 15 seconds), a Northwestern Online Passport window should open (it may

Using Duo Restore to recover Duo-Protected Accounts

Northwestern IT has enabled Duo Mobile's Duo Restore functionality for iOS and Android users. Duo Mobile's restore functionality lets you back up Duo-protected accounts for recovery to the same

How to Add a YubiKey to Your Duo MFA Account

duo ... prompts on your Duo page to set up the security key.   Click on Continue. Select Security Key from the pop-up window and then hit Next or Continue. The window may look different depending on

Reactivating or requesting a change to your Duo device

duo ... There are various reasons why you may need to have Duo reactivated for your phone. If you have access to any device you've already registered for Duo Mobile, you can reactivate Duo Mobile yourself

Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication for a Northwestern Canvas Admin Account

How to use MFA through Duo to access the Northwestern Canvas Admin. ... Northwestern Canvas Admin accounts are separate from normal Net-ID accounts, this process will set up a second Duo option specific to accessing the admin side of Canvas.   Go to the Northwestern

Registering and managing your devices for Duo multi-factor authentication

you start the registration process, you cannot stop! Select the type of device you would like to set up. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to configure your device to accept authentication

How "Remember me" works in Duo multi-factor authentication

Protect VPN, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams. These pop-up windows must provide the same cookie support and settings noted above. If they do not, Duo's Remember me will not work for these

Setting up and using GlobalProtect VPN

you to authenticate with your NetID and NetID password and Duo multi-factor authentication. If you need to register a phone for multi-factor authentication, see Registering and managing your devices

Organizational Microsoft 365 accounts and Duo multi-factor authentication

limited to 100 devices). This is done by choosing “Other options” from the Duo Push pop-up: Then choosing “Manage devices” from the bottom of the list: And finally choosing “Add a

Setting up and using the 32-bit version of GlobalProtect VPN for Windows

Uninstall Download and set up the 32-bit version In your web browser, go to When prompted, enter your NetID and password, and authenticate through Duo

Set Your Work Hours and Location in Outlook

Note: You can view work hours and location for yourself and others in classic Outlook, but you need to set them up with a work or school account using new Outlook or Outlook on the web following the

Setting up and using Cisco Jabber for Windows

adjust the volume When you're done, click OK Customize your Jabber settings In the upper right corner of the Jabber Hub Window click the gear icon to display the settings menu

Updating Duo MFA settings - Removal of SMS messaging and Telephone call capabilities

install and activate the Duo app on a compatible smart device prior to this change.    Install/Update Duo Mobile (Recommended) Before attempting to activate for yourself or with