NUFinancials Training curricula

The curricula below are MyHR Learn training courses and Knowledge Base articles related to NUFInancials, organized by topic. The MyHR Learn courses serve as comprehensive introductions to various business processes and overall navigation. The Knowledge Base articles mostly assume a general understanding of navigation and business processes in NUFinancials. They are topic specific job aids and training guides.



MyHR Learn Course

Knowledge Base Article


Approvals and Workflow Overview (eLearning) (FMS804-200A)

Adding Attachments to Expense Reports as an Approver



Approval Process: Actuals Journals



Approval Process: Budget Journals



Approval Process for Cash Advances



Approval Process: Expense Reports (text only)



Approval Process for Expenses



Approval Process: Payment Requests



Approval Process: PO Change Orders



Approval Process: PO Change Request Forms



Approval Process: Requisitions (text only)



Approval Process for Requisitions



Approve or Deny a PO Change Order



Email Notifications Job Aid



NUFinancials Supervisor Expense Approval Job Aid



NUFinancials WorkCenter Approvals



Reviewing the Approval Path of a Transaction



Transaction Status Definition Reference



Viewing Requisition Comments and Attachments for Approvers


MyHR Learn Course

Knowledge Base Article

Budget Journals

Adjust a Revenue and Expense Budget Demonstration (video) (FMS720-200E-01)

Budget Journal Process Visual Aid


Adjust a Revenue Budget Exercise (eLearning) (FMS720-200G)

Budget Journal Troubleshooting Job Aid


Adjust an Expense Budget Exercise (eLearning) (FMS720-200F-01)

Initiating Budget Adjustments in NUFinancials


Budget Journal Process and Statuses Presentation (video) (FMS720-200H)

NUFinancials Budget Adjustment Course Guide


NUFinancials Budget Adjustments Presentation (video) (FMS720-200D)

NUFinancials Budget Adjustments Transcript


Search and Troubleshoot Budget Journals Exercise (eLearning) (FMS720-200K)

Searching for Budget Journals in NUFinancials


Search for Budget Journals Demonstration (video) (FMS720-200I)



Troubleshoot Budget Journals Demonstration (video) (FMS720-200J)



MyHR Learn Course

Knowledge Base Article

General Ledger

Balance Sheet Journals (recorded webinar) (FMS712-200B)

Approving Financial Structure Requests (formerly ChartField Request)


Budgeting Overview (eLearning) (FMS700-200A)

Assign a Management Level to ChartFields



Assign a Manager and Reviewers to a Department or Project



Budget Reconciliation for NUFinancials



Chart of Accounts Quick Reference



Cognos and NUFinancials Budget Reconciliation



Entering a Financial Structure Request in NUFinancials (formerly ChartField Request)



NUFinancials Ledger Groups



Review Activity on ChartField1 and Program Code



Using Budget Overview for Project Budgets



Using the NUFinancials Tree Viewer



Viewing Budget Performance with Budget Details



Viewing Budget Performance with Budget Overview



Viewing Payroll Suspense in the NUFinancials Ledger Inquiry


MyHR Learn Course

Knowledge Base Article


Create a Blanket Requisition Exercise (eLearning) (FMS803-200F)

Adding Attachments and Comments on a Requisition


Requisitions in NUFinancials (eLearning) (FMS9050-200A)

Create a Receive by Dollar Amount Requisition



Creating a Blanket Order Requisition



Creating a Standard Non-Catalog Requisition



Line Defaults and Mass Change



Manage Requisitions in NUFinancials: View Lifespan



Managing Requisitions in NUFinancials



Non-Catalog Requisition Favorites



Requisition for Purchase of Capital Equipment



Resolve Chart String Combination and Budget Check Errors for Requisitions



Standard Non-Catalog Requisitions



Using Blanket Order Requisitions



Using the Attention (To) Field when Creating Requisitions



Viewing Requisition Attachments in NUFinancials


MyHR Learn Course

Knowledge Base Article


Expense Reports in NUFinancials (eLearning) (FMS9156-200A)

Add Proxy Access Job Aid



Employee Expense Report Checklist



Entering an Expense Report Training Guide



Entering Foreign Currency Job Aid



Expense Report - Employee Approval



Expense Report Attachments Job Aid



Expenses Entry Quick Reference Job Aid



Foreign Travel Dates FAQ



Managing Expense Reports Training Guide



Mobile Expense Report Training Guide



Select a Supervisor for Employees with Multiple Appointments



Using Per Diem on an Expense Report


Enter an Expense Report for My Wallet Transactions (eLearning) (FMS9186-200A)

My Wallet Transactions Expense Report Training Guide

Cash Advances

Cash Advance in NUFinancials (eLearning) (FMS9181-200A)

Applying an Advance Training Guide



Managing Cash Advances Training Guide



Requesting an Advance Training Guide



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